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Italian MRE

Italian MRE
Italian MRE
Out Of Stock
Italian MRE
Italian MRE
Italian MRE
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Rare Italian MRE packs . 24hr supply. 

Pack Type- C.

Each pack is designed for whole days.

Inspection date  - 07/12/2025

Production date- 03/2023

Module-C  Content:


  • Sweet biscuits 50g.
  • Jelly 30g. orange taste
  • Jelly 30g. cherry taste
  • Sugared concentrated milk 100g.
  • Instant coffee 1.8g. 
  • chocolade 25g.
  • Sugar 8g. 
  • Kit for water disinfection 
  • ACCESSORIES: 3 disposable toothbrushes; box of matches; 3 toothpicks; 3 paper rubbish bags; salt bag; camp stove; 6 fuel bars; 2 paper napkins; plastic spoon; slip with instruction


  • Ravioli with meat sauce 230g.
  • Canned pork in Jelly 140g.
  • Crackers 100g.(09-2020)
  • Fruits salad 225g.
  • Multivitamin tablets 10g.
  • Instant coffee 1.8g.
  • 10 bran tablets 
  • Sugar 8g.
  • ACCESSORIES: 2 paper napkins; cutlery plastic


  • Pasta and beans 300g.
  • Canned chicken in jelly 240g. 
  • Crackers 50g.
  • Instant coffee 1.8g.
  • Sugar 8g.
  • Energetic bar 60g.
  • ACCESSORIES: 2 paper napkins; cutlery plastic

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