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US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack

US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
US 2024 MRE 1 Random Pack
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Offering US USA  MRE  Packs from A and B boxes

Shipping from UK- so no taxes to pay.

Inspection date-  01.2024 or better. Mostly 06.2024 or 09.2024.

MRE's are completely precooked, self-contained foods, that require no refrigeration and can be eaten instantly.

Each meal has an average of 1250 calories (13% protein, 36% fat and 51% carbohydrates).

Each meal includes the Main meal, Side Dish, Cracker or Bread, Spread, Dessert, Candy, Beverages, Sauce, Warmer, Accessory Pack + many additional components

You will receive One Mre pack (meal) randomly selected from available stock.

Menus are Randomly selected from:

1 - Chili with beans 

2 - Beef shredded, in barbecue sauce 

3 - Chicken with egg noodles and vegetables in sauce 

4 - Spaghetti with beef and sauce 

5 - Chicken chunks 

6 - Beef taco 

7 - Beef strips in a savory Tomato sauce

8 - Meatballs in marinara sauce 

9 - Beef stew 

10 - Chili and macaroni 

11 - Vegetable crumbles with pasta in taco sauce

12 - Elbow Macaroni

13 - Cheese tortellini and tomato sauce 

14 - Creamy Spinach Fettuccine 

15 - Mexican style chicken stew 

16 - Chicken Burrito Bowl 

17 - Pork sausage patty, maple flavor 

18 - Beef ravioli in meat sauce

19 - Beef patty jalapeno pepper jack 

20 - Italian sausage with Peppers and Onions

21 - Tuna, lemon pepper 

22 -  Beef goulash

23 - Pepperoni Pizza slice

24 - Southwest style beef and black beans

MRE Include (not always- since each year they are different- i do not promise that all that will be in it). But you will get factory sealed meal! :

Entree - the main course

Side dish - rice, corn, fruit, or mashed potatoes.

Cracker or Bread

Spread - peanut butter, jelly, or cheese spread

Dessert - cookies or pound cakes

Candy - M&Ms, Skittles, or Tootsie Rolls

Beverages - Gatorade-like drink mixes, cocoa, dairy shakes, coffee, tea

Hot sauce or seasoning - in some MREs

Accessory Pack - spoon, matches, coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, chewing gum, toilet paper, heater. Contents of meals and accessory packages vary.

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