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Russian 24H IRP MRE Ration Meal

Russian IRP MRE  Friendship of Nations 24HR Unopened package 

Heavy package- weight is approx 1,8 kg.

Shelf life of packs- Expiration end 14.03 .2024 or better. Differs by pack.

Very limited stock. When sold- will not appear for sale again. 

Boxes are new, never opened- but some mre may have crumpled box/ or sugar powder spill, because of postage. It was a long way to get them here.

About product:

The main diet of the army of the Russian Federation. It has high quality and high calorie content. As part of the IRP - meat and vegetable canned food, biscuits, cereals, chocolate, jam, dry tonic drinks, spices, multivitamin, chewing gum, as well as matches, napkins, cutlery and tablets for water disinfection. It guarantees a full and delicious day.

Calories: 4000 +- Kcal

Weight: 1.800kg

Packing: Plastic camo bag with carrying handle, with inner box

Common components for all options:

1. Wheat flour biscuits 50g. 4 things

2. “Goulash with porridge” / “Pilaf with beef” 250g

3. “Homemade roast” / “Lazy cabbage rolls” 250g

4. “Beef stew Premium” 250g

5. “Chicken liver pate” / “Minced ham” 100g

6. “Zucchini caviar” / “Beet caviar” 100g

7. Toning drink concentrate 30g

8. Processed cheese / Bar “With milk” 30/50g

9. Jam “Apple” / “Plum” 45g

10. Bar “Nut” / “Caramel” / Prunes with nuts 50g

11. Coffee 1 piece

12. Tea 2 pcs

13. Sugar 3 pcs

14. Salt, Pepper

15. Vitamin-mineral complex

16. Portable heater

17. Water and wind resistant matches

18. Sanitary napkins 3 pcs

19. Boom napkins. 3 pcs

20. Water disinfectant.

21. Plastic spoon 3 pcs.

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